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Goddess Gin

VIPs Diamond Goddess Founder

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Our Founder packages are intended for whose who want a closer connection to our creations, now and in the future. If you want to be part of a growing community of craft gin and spirit lovers then look no further!

Buy your Diamond Goddess Founder package and, as well helping to establish our independent female-lead craft gin and spirit creations, you will be invited to enjoy the ultimate distillery experience and get to participate in our journey.

Our craft gin and spirits are created at Silver Circle Distillery which is located in Catbrook, Wales, and we will invite you there for a tour for you and up to 5 friends so you can see behind the scenes and discover how our creations are made. We'll be in touch to make this happen for you! 

You will also have the opportunity to help with product development. Your input will help shape the future!

In addition, Diamond Goddess Founders get a 10% discount at our online store for life, invitation to exclusive events and their names displayed at our headquarters, St Denis's Chapel, Harewood End, England.

Full list of Diamond Founder perks  ...

  • A private tour with Elle Bright at Silver Circle Distillery for you and up to 5 friends
  • 'Diamond Goddess Founders 10%' discount on Goddess Gin purchases from our online store and at events FOR LIFE
  • Your name displayed as a founder at St Denis's Chapel
  • 'Diamond Goddess Founder' membership card
  • First access to exclusive events
  • 10% off Goddess Gin purchases at St Denis's Chapel
  • Subscription to our 'Inner Goddess' email newsletter featuring news and updates about product and events and more
  • The opportunity to buy other 1st edition products - Inner Goddess subscribers will be notified first 
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Your 'Founders 10%' discount code will be emailed to you within a couple of days and can be used with future purchases through this store and elsewhere.